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 KeepVolunteering is a Grassroots effort non-profit corporation, that has a 501c3 Status. We operate exclusively for disaster relief purposes. Specifically, we meet the needs of those affected by disasters located within a 500-mile radius of the City of Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama.

Our goal is simple and ambitious: provide help in anyway possible to those affected by disasters. KeepVolunteering partners with local organizations in each location to build and rehabilitate our communities hit by disasters. 100% of donations are earmarked by each donor funding relief efforts to those affected by disasters. We partner with individuals, organizations and churches to build the projects, investing in their resources, expertise and acquired knowledge.

KeepVolunteering is for the community, made up by the community.

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We are currently in search of companies and/or individuals to sponsor the documentary so that we can take the film to a wider audience.  We hope to use the film to raise money to support continued tornado relief efforts in the town of Phil Campbell.  Please email us at if you are interested in sponsoring our documentary.  That way you can say that I'm with Phil...